Saturday, October 6, 2012


<p>Some mornings I stare at the clothes hanging in my closet. I have plenty of them, but I can't decide what wear. The reason for this? Picking things that go together.</p>
<p>As I choose outfits for Kole, things are much easier. her clothes come color coordinated, pattern coordinated and style coordinated!</p>
<p>The simplicity of dressing Kole has pointed out to me the places in my life that need simplified. It goes beyond realizing that when I shop, I should shop outfits vs items.</p>
<p>For instance, I can save precious time by getting the same kind of bottles. when I need to put them together I can just grab whatever is quickest!</p>
<p>I can save space by only keeping what I need. Those sheets I store and only use twice a year? Gone!</p>
<p>I can focus better by only doing one Bible study at a time instead of each one I'm invited to join.</p>
<p>lovely Koleen, thank you for teaching me about simplicity. I hope to be able to teach you the same!