Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Two things today.

1) To the people who love to ask why Kole is not wearing socks:
She is not wearing socks because I do not find it necessary. Her pediatrician told me it was not necessary. No, it has nothing to do with her not leaving them on. In fact, Kole leaves her socks on just fine 90% of the time. No, the fact that you mention it to me every time I see you will not make me change my habits. Her feet are covered in her snowsuit when we go outside, and inside almost every building it's a balmy 68 degrees. If it is not, the snowsuit stays on: no socks, no problem.

It isn't that I'm anti-sock. I'm just anti people constantly coming up and squeezing my child's feet, declaring her toes are freezing (they're not. I can guarantee every time someone has said that to me my feet would be more chilly to the touch) and then treating me like I'm a clueless mother. I appreciate that you care about my daughter's well being, but trust me, so do I.

2) Now for a story to follow up my rant. I can't wait to tell this one to Koleen when she's 14. We were in Wal-Mart looking at socks for Matt. A teen boy was also in the aisle. Kole farted loudly. I said "Well Kole, excuse you!" Teen boy laughed. As we were leaving the aisle we walked right past teen boy. He smiled at me and said "That's a cute kid." It made my night.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Every moment a miracle

I got to feed you supper tonight. I got to give you kisses, whisper "I love you" in your ear, and rock you to sleep.
Not all parents had the great blessing of that today. The lives of 20 children began in heaven today, after evil entered their school in Connecticut. Although they are safe with Jesus, 40 parents go to bed tonight with empty arms and broken hearts.
Kole, I feel so blessed you are here with me.
As I prayed over you tonight I skipped the normal things I pray for: guidance for Matt and me parenting, guidance for you in your future, prayers for your relationship with Jesus, and things of that nature. Instead I prayed only two things. First I prayed that God would cradle those families in Connecticut in his arms. Then I prayed thankfulness.
Echo, every minute I spend with you is a priceless blessing. Every hug, every kiss, every game of peek a boo, every fishy face, every poop-filled diaper is a moment you bring joy to me.
Thank you for being my daughter.
Father, thank you for the gift of Koleen. Allowing me to be her mother is the biggest challenge and privilege of my life. Please show your love to the families in this Connecticut town tonight and in the months to come. I'm out of words, but you hear the great cry going up tonight from this country. I don't want to take another moment for granted.