Monday, March 11, 2013

Parents can be adults, too

Inappropriate baby products are not funny.

I'm not talking about the funny little baby onesies that say iPood. Those are kind of funny. Gross, yes. Immature, yeah. Inappropriate, no.

I have to wonder about the parents who dress their innocent bundles of joy in clothes that say swear words, almost swear words, innuendo, or alcohol labels.

You're parents now. The world isn't your party. Your baby isn't a frat brother.

I know it's a culture shock to become a parent. Life is upside down, and it's upside down because there is someone who relies totally on you, whose world you are responsible for making a safe place, who you are scrutinized as you care for, whose well-being you put ahead of your own. You want to continue your life, keep doing what you enjoy. That's OK, right?

Right, as long as that means adding a baby carrier to a hiking trip, a jogging stroller to your afternoon run, smashed up banana to your breakfast fare.

Let's face it, sometimes you can become  a parent and not be grown up. I like to play games, laugh, and do crafts. In some ways I'm not a grown up, or I resent the title. But when it comes to my child, I value her innocence.

You want your baby to look grown up? Dress him in a sweater vest, not a swear word.

Friday, March 8, 2013

10 months

A friend pointed out to me that Koleen's growing up blog was missing a chunk of her life. I apologize, little Kole. To catch up, I'll just hit the highlights of what you taught me:

Cheerios taste better off the floor.
I would do anything for you. If you ever doubt that, remember I sniffed your diaper in public because i didn't want you to get diaper rash.
Being a mom is scary. Not because you're a little person who relies totally on me, but because someday you won't be.
The cat likes to be petted, not tackled.
Ellie loves both.
You find the smallest things fascinating, and you're teaching me to do the same.
Modeling behavior. If i don't want you to do it, i can't either.
Saying "hi" to strangers in the store makes them smile.
adventures need to be interspersed with naps.