Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Grampsy Day!

Koleen, today is Grampsy's birthday. Grampsy loves you with his whole heart, and you love him back.

when i was expecting you, Grampsy suddenly went through a lifestyle change. He stopped eating all the foods he loved most because they weren't healthy and he wanted to be around to see you grow up. That is amazing gift, Koleen. He lost somewhere around 100 pounds in 9 months.

I hope you learn from your Grampsy to stick with what you're passionate about doing. And i hope the needs of other people inspire you to do something.

From the time you were born, you and Grampsy shared a special bond. You have snuggled through many church services, looked at pictures, and looked at yourself in the mirror dozens of times. Grampsy always has time for a game of Pat-A-Cake, and always gets a smile from you when he walks in the door.

Last summer when you were only a few months old Grampsy watched you every day for two weeks while everyone else was at work and he had summer vacation. He even invited your dad and me to come eat lunch with the two of you.

Kole, when your dad and i were talking about what was important in our futures, this is what we imagined for you. You are blessed to have this close relationship with your grandparents. Not only do you have a strong dad in your life, you also have another strong man, to help model the love of God in an easy-to-see, easy-to-feel way.

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